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We use AI & NLP & Causal Inference to revolutionize the way smart cities and organizations communicate with their citizens and customers. We know how to generate economic and societal value from data.


We lay the digital groundwork for sustainability. We empower smart comunities. We make our customers more efficient and cost effective.


Our top-notch AI technologies will strengthen your competitive position and financial performance. We increase access, and scale efficiently. We drive growth and build digital trust.


AI and ML

we deliver

Chatbot Solutions

Customisable chatbots
Human-like automated interactions
Expert AI and NLP technologies
Multi-channel integration

AI and ML cloud development

Tailored product development
Rapid test capabilities
Dynamic optimisation
Cut customer-service costs

ML and NLP consulting

Fine-tuned solutions
Knowledgebase evolution
Cost reductions
Improved decision-making




AI-powered communication tools

Supporting engagement and problem-solving, better efficiency, expanded market access, and greater customer lifetime value. Establishing channels for two-way communication between the public and local agencies.

Advanced analytics & ML

Unmatched deep expertise in extracting user insights to guide business strategy and innovation. Translating raw data into alerts, insight, and action. Building digital paths to sustainability.

Smart cities & Sustainability

Using digital intelligence to solve public problems and achieve a higher quality of life. Intelligent, highly personalized solutions delivered through an interface that is intuitive, seamless, and fast.




We are customer-centric

We are guided by a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. We focus on improving customer experience and perception across all critical journeys and channels.

We are community-obsessed

We are always looking for ways to give back to the community we owe so much. We harness the power of AI to engage citizens in a meaningful way. We employ technology & data purposefully for better decisions and a better quality of life.

We inspire

We value excellence in all that we do. We develop true tech intelligence through a perpetual-learning culture. We value integrity, respect, and collaboration. We build products everyone wants.